Wooden Floor Cleaning & Polishing

We usually use carpets, rugs, tiles, marbles etc. to beautify the surface of our homes. However, nowadays people prefer wooden floors over all the above because of its natural durability and beauty. We at PAM Facilities provide best wooden floor polishing service in Delhi-NCR region.

The wooden floor cleaning process includes its cleaning, polishing and sanitizing so as to provide a deep clean and beautiful look to the wooden floors.

Your wood floors require regular maintenance in order to maintain its durability and beauty.We at PAM Facilities provide the best cleaning process which is specially designed for engineered wood and solid hardwood. Regular use of the floor, dirt from outside, all the allergens and bacteria all addsup to the damage of the wooden floor and this deposit has severe effect on the family’s health as well. We provide following benefits through our service:

We remove all the dirt, debris, allergens and bacteria from the floor Increase the life of the floor We provide superior deep cleaning against the mopping done at home. We also provide a barrier from further damage. The cleaning also adds shine to the floor We use minimal moisture so as to prevent damage to the wooden floor.

Why Choose PAM Facilities?

The comparison below highlights the benefits of our Wood Floor Cleaning Process over doing it through products at home:

There are many solutions present in the market for wooden floor cleaning at home. These products only provide short term results and are expensive where as our professionals will provide you hardwood floor cleaning & polishing at nominal service cost. Below table shows the difference between our service and home-based solutions available in market.

PAM Facilities Wood Floor Cleaning vs.OtherMarket Products

PAM Facilities Wood Floor Cleaning Other Market Products
We use a certified green cleaner which is safe for humans Use detergents and soaps that contain harmful chemicals
We use counter rotating brushes that penetrate deep into the grain of wood Just clean the upper surface of the wooden floor
We protect the wood from damage by using minimal amount of water These are all water based hence damaging the floor to a great extent
We use powerful vacuum that extracts all the contaminants from the floors These solutions don’t extract as they don’t use vacuum: but just spreads it all over the floors.
The polish we use is long-lasting and provides a barrier for dirt and allergens The polish doesn’t provide long-lasting effects as ours.

Process for Wood Floor cleaning


A thorough inspection for any deep scratches is done by our very highly trained professionals. They will check for any acrylic coating on the wooden floor.

Removal of acrylic coating and polish
The acrylic coating or polish will be gently removed by the technician using out wood floor polish remover product.

Deep Cleaning and Santizing
A deep cleaning of the wood will be performed using our certified cleaner. It will remove all the dirt, allergens and bacteria from the floor. This will result in a deep cleaned and sparkling smooth floor. Sanitizer will be added to improve the cleanliness of the floor.

Wood Floor Polish
The final step is to apply our wooden floor polish to beautify the floor. We provide the best hardwood Floor Polishing service in Delhi and Gurugram area. The polish adds another protective layer for long durability of the floor.


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