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The design and texture used on either the stone-based or wooden-based floors cause an instant attraction to the viewer. The floors that are well maintained and scratch-free are not only a source of appreciation from everybody but also provides safety for children to play. We provide floor cleaning services in New Delhi-NCR area.

Residential Floor Cleaning Services

The biggest investment done by people is on their homes. We invest huge amounts on flooring of our choice. Neglecting or not taking proper care of the floor can cause huge wear and tear on it. We provide professional floor polishing services via our trained technicians who have decades of experience. The technology and products used by us are highly advanced and innovative.

Professional Floor Cleaning Services

There is a huge impact of appearance and cleanliness on your businesses. We thrive to provide you with best service all around the year whether it is hardwood floor, stone-based floor or carpeted floor. Our technicians ensure all the needs of the customers are met and all their needs are fulfilled without any compromise.

We are very serious about cleaning floors and our work shows for itself.

There are many types of floorings and each one of them needs to be handled in different ways. In order to give you best service, we discuss all your needs and then try to develop a suitable plan for cleaning in order to meet your demands and schedule. We follow what we promise and we seek after service feedbacks in order to give you complete satisfaction. We have experience of many years of supplying our expert cleaners to all types of commercial and residential properties.

Different reasons for Floor Cleaning:

  • To remove all the stains, litter and dirt from the floor.
  • Beautification of the floor.
  • To remove the sand that causes wear and tear of the surface.
  • To remove all the allergens.
  • To maintain required traction on the floors.

Floor Polish Services We Offer:

Best Floor Polish in Gurgaon

We provide various services like residential cleaning, commercial cleaning and floor enhancement, marble polishing, carpet cleaning needs such as sealing, stripping and waxing. These floor cleaning services are provided by trained and efficient staff. When used properly, these products clean and polish any type of surface.

  • We use organic products for polishing. These are environment-friendly scrubbing pads from Bonastre made of limestone.
  • We also provide eco-friendly services for polishing granite and concrete flooring. The staff uses oil or water repellent Bonastre Protec +as a formula for removing stains and dirt.
  • The mosaic floor service restores all the broken floors by filling all the dents and gaps. After this we buff the floor to provide perfect shine.
  • We also provide service to enhance the colours of designer marbles. Bonastre Max formula is used to accomplish this task. This does not make the marble slippery despite giving it a mirror-like finish.
  • There may be many reasons for odours and stains in carpet flooring. The service professionals also provide service to remove these stains and the foul odour.

Different Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Methods Used by Our Highly Trained Staff:


This involves a floor cleaning machine, that has a stiff scrubbing pad/brush attached to it. The brush attached or the pad moves in the circular motion to cut the dirt and remove it from the surface of the floor.


This process is the advanced process of the buffing, which is typically a dry method and doesn’t use any kind of polish spray. In this process, the rotary floor cleaning machine spins faster. The brush or the pad attached to the machine abrade the surface of the floor creating a glossy finish and smooth texture.


This process is usually followed after the initial step of scrubbing that involves the rotary floor machine and the polishing solution. The upgraded rotary floor machines tend to spray the polishing solution and the buff the floor at the same time. This helps create a high-end glossy finish on the floor.


This step is used for floor cleaning where the thick layer of soil is taken away by breaking the surface of the topsoil by a chisel or a cutting tool.

Spray cleaning:

As the name suggests, the main aim of the process is to apply the buffable or semi-buffable polish on the bristle tips of the brush or on the surface of the pad to remove the soil and leave a smooth and glossy surface.


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