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Is your floor too dull or too shiny? Are there tiles that are glossier than the others? Are you looking for change in your finish? We at PAM Facilities will even that finish for you. We deliver glossy, semi- gloss or matte finish as per requirement.

We do provide best marble polishing service in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and New Delhi NCR region for your precious marble stones like Italian, Mosaic, Whi. Any dull spots, etches, scratches or diminishing look of the marble surface can be taken care by us.

We use specially formulated blends of cleaners, polishes, sealers alongside best grinding techniques and mediums to preserve and restore the natural beauty of your marble. Our highly skilled professionals will assist you in finding the root cause of the damage, how to properly correct and repair the problem.

We at PAM Facilities provide you with commitment, knowledge and quality. These form the core of our company to provide you with a high-class service for your marble.

Our professionals will guide you through the solution, arrive on the given time, complete their service according to your personal need and then tell you how to take care of your marble flooring.

The skilled PAM Facilities professional will answer all your queries regarding any of the following facilities.

Marble Floors
Marble Restoration
Marble Cleaning
Marble Sealing
Marble Repair
Marble Crystallization
Marble Maintenance
Residential Marble Care
Commercial Marble Care


This involves a floor cleaning machine, that has a stiff scrubbing pad/brush attached to it. The brush attached or the pad moves in the circular motion to cut the dirt and remove it from the surface of the floor.

This process is the advanced process of the buffing, which is typically a dry method and doesn’t use any kind of polish spray. In this process, the rotary floor cleaning machine spins faster. The brush or the pad attached to the machine abrade the surface of the floor creating a glossy finish and smooth texture.

This process is usually followed after the initial step of scrubbing that involves the rotary floor machine and the polishing solution. The upgraded rotary floor machines tend to spray the polishing solution and the buff the floor at the same time. This helps create a high-end glossy finish on the floor.

This step is used for floor cleaning where the thick layer of soil is taken away by breaking the surface of the topsoil by a chisel or a cutting tool.

Spray cleaning:
As the name suggests, the main aim of the process is to apply the buffable or semi-buffable polish on the bristle tips of the brush or on the surface of the pad to remove the soil and leave a smooth and glossy surface.

Frequent waxing of the stone often leads to discolouration because it obstructs the marble’s natural passage. We help in removing this discoloured wax and restoring the natural look of the floor.

Why to choose PAM Facilities ?

100% Quality Assurance -
We at PAM Facilities provide customer with utmost satisfaction and best service. By this we mean that you will get on time work completion and consultation, answers to all your queries and efficient after sale service.

Best Marble Polishing Price or Rates -
With PAM Facilities, there will always be honest and fair, best priced service for all your needs for marble flooring and its care.

Honest Advice & Consultation.
We do always give accurate & precise advice to our new clients or reputed clients. We never make them fool.

Wall & Skirting Polishing -
We do polish the wall (if marble is installed there) or skirting by hand machines with same look & feel of all over marble.


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